Everything You Need to Know About Getting Starbucks at Disney World

Your responsibilities at home may come to a stop while you are at Disney, but your need for Starbucks doesn’t! Have no fear my fellow Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about getting Starbucks at Disney World!

Is Starbucks the Same at Disney World?

Are all Starbucks created equal? The short answer is, no. Starbucks at Disney World will have some similarities to your local Starbucks, but also many differences. Let’s dive into what you can expect on your Disney World vacation when you need your Starbucks fix.

How Many Starbucks Locations Does Disney World Have?

There are a total of six Starbucks locations throughout Walt Disney World. There is one Starbucks location in each park, plus TWO more at Disney Springs. However, you won’t find that the Starbucks at the parks look like your local cafes. Each Starbucks location is themed to fit right into the theme park it’s located in. In fact, sometimes they blend right in so well that you might walk right by without even realizing it’s a Starbucks!

So, where exactly can you get your Starbucks fix in Disney World? Here are all the locations.

Magic Kingdom

Walking down Main Street U.S.A., past the Main Street Confectionery but before the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, you’ll find the Main Street Bakery. Yup, it’s not even named Starbucks! But, you will find the iconic Starbucks sign hanging just above the entrance to help clue you in.

Starbucks at Disney World


Scan into the park, veer to the left side of Spaceship Earth, and hop into Connections Cafe on your left-hand side. You’ve found Starbucks! At Connections Cafe, you will see your familiar green and white Starbucks logos on either side of the entrance making it pretty hard to miss.

Starbucks at Disney World

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Enter Disney’s Hollywood Studios and stay to the right-hand side Hollywood Boulevard. About halfway down the road, you’ll find the spot serving up Starbucks coffee — The Trolley Car Cafe. Similar to Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery, there are no familiar logos or visible green and white signs. However, there is a small bronze Starbucks emblem on the main building sign if you need something to look out for.

Starbucks at Disney World

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This location is probably the most visible Starbucks of the four parks. If you notice with all of the previous locations, they are right at the entrance (or very close) to the front of the parks. However, you’ll have to do a little extra walking to get your coffee fix at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You can find the Creature Comforts Coffee Shop by walking towards the Tree of Life, heading to the left past Pandora — The World of Avatar, and then continuing to walk toward Africa until you see the coffee shop on your left. There is a large green sign above the doors that says Starbucks Coffee.


Disney Springs

There are two Starbucks locations in Disney Springs with one being on each end of the expansive shopping and dining district. On the West Side, you will find a large Starbucks next to the Aérophile balloon attraction. This Starbucks has ample seating, a patio with waterside views, and a fireplace, making it a great place to get some work done or just people-watch!

The second Starbucks is located on the Marketplace side in front of World of Disney. Unlike its counterpart, this location is just a walk-up window. So, there is no specific Starbucks seating area. However, there is seating not far from Starbucks within the Marketplace.

Starbucks at Disney World


Do Disney World Starbucks Locations Have The Same Menu?

Yes! Not only do the Starbucks locations around Disney World have the same drink (including seasonal drinks) and food menus, but they actually tend to have even more! In the parks, the Starbucks locations will often have Disney specialty items, such as seasonal cupcakes, various pastries, and sandwiches, plus some water bottles, juices, and milk depending on the location.

For example, Main Street Bakery and Creature Comforts offer the Mickey Shaped Cinnamon Roll, Connections Cafe offers the Remy Liege Waffle, and Trolley Car Cafe offers the Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie.

Does Starbucks in Disney World Cost the Same?

Not necessarily. Most of the coffees and treats on the menu do have a slight upcharge at the Disney locations versus your local Starbucks. For example, at our local Orlando Starbucks a Grande Caramel Cold Brew comes in at $5.45. However, at both Disney Springs Starbucks locations, the same drink will set you back $5.75.

Keep in mind that you can use snack credits with the Disney Dining Plan to purchase Starbucks coffees or snacks. This can be a great way to make the drinks a bit more affordable. We recommend opting for a Venti (or even Trenta!) if you’re doing so to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Is Mobile Order Available at Disney World Starbucks?

When it comes to the in-park Starbucks locations, mobile ordering is not available. So, you’ll have to wait in line (however long) to order your coffee from the counter. However, you CAN mobile order through the Starbucks app at the Disney Springs locations. Just look for “Disney Springs West Side” or “Disney Springs Market Place” and select the one that is closest to you.

Do Disney World Starbucks Locations Accept Reward Stars?

Starbucks rewards can be used at some, but not all, Disney World locations. While you’ll be able to scan your Starbucks app to earn rewards at Disney World Starbucks locations guests can scan for stars, you cannot REDEEM your stars for a free drink at the theme park locations. Yes, that means no free birthday drink at any of the four Disney Park Starbucks locations.

However, this is different at Disney Springs. Here you can redeem your stars just as you would at your local Starbucks.

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted at Disney World Starbucks Locations?

All of the Starbucks at Disney World accept credit cards, Starbucks gift cards, Disney gift cards, Disney Rewards redemption cards, or MagicBands. The only difference is that you CANNOT use your rewards points to redeem a free drink in the parks (though, you can at Disney Springs).

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Can You Purchase Starbucks Merchandise at Disney World Locations?

Yes! In fact, there is Disney-specific Starbucks merchandise you can purchase at each of the six locations! Each park has a specific mug with the park name on it and more. You will also be able to find everyday Starbucks merchandise as well.

What Are Wait Times Like at Disney World Starbucks Locations?

Sometimes, looks can be deceiving. At your local Starbucks, you may see a line out the door or close to it and say, “Forget it, don’t need coffee that bad!” However, it’s worth noting that the Disney World Starbucks locations work fast. The in-park Starbucks locations usually have two separate lines to choose from when you walk in. That means double the number of orders taken at a time, double the workstations, and usually double the speed!

PRO TIP: Avoid any of the park Starbucks locations when they first open early in the morning. Just like you, everyone else is looking to get their caffeine fix, resulting in LONG lines. We suggest heading to a popular ride first and then walking back to Starbucks for your coffee.

Is There a Coffee Option Besides Starbucks?

Yes, there is. Joffrey’s Coffee is the official coffee of Walt Disney World. This means that they have Joffrey’s Coffee stands all over the parks and Disney Springs. These locations are in plain sight since they are the official sponsor. Guests can also find Joffrey’s coffee at most Disney World restaurants, including quick service restaurants, and inside the resort hotels.

The Joffrey’s Coffee versus Starbucks Coffee debate is always an interesting one between frequent Disney goers!

Starbucks at Disney World

So, Should You Get Starbucks at Walt Disney World?

Coffee is an essential part of many people’s lives and that doesn’t stop during your Disney World vacation! We NEVER pass up an opportunity for a good coffee! Whether you are at a park or wandering Disney Springs, you are just a short walk away from your beloved Starbucks pick-me-up.


Are you a loyal Starbucks coffee drinker, even on vacation? Let us know about your experiences with Starbucks at Disney World!

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