How Much Does Food Cost at Disney World – The Answer Might Surprise You

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When planning your Disney World vacation, it’s nice to have a budget. And, one of the biggest pieces of your vacation budget is food — everyone has to eat after all! But, how much does food actually cost at Disney World?

Disney is known for having some of the best theme park food with guests raving about meals they’ve had at the fanciest restaurants all the way down to quick service restaurants. From picky toddlers to the great grandparents on the generational trip, there is something for everyone! So, let’s break down how much food costs in Disney World with our guide to food costs at Disney.

How Much Does Food Cost at Disney World

Different Types of Dining at Disney World

Disney World currently offers three different types of dining options — quick service dining, table service dining, and snacks/grab-and-go. And, the price of the food you get can vary a lot based on where you’re eating…even if it’s nearly the same! So, let’s break down what each one is and how much you can expect to pay.

Quick Service Dining

Quick Service dining is located all over Disney property. Guests can find quick service locations at all four theme parks, both of Disney’s water parks, Disney World Resort hotels, and Disney Springs.

Quick Service locations are dining options where you order at a counter with a Cast Member (or through Mobile Ordering in the My Disney Experience app), then collect the food from the counter, and find a seat. The main focus of quick service dining is the on-the-go feature. And, in most cases, you’ll find more classic American fare options on the menu like burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, chicken tenders, and salads. Reservations are not required since you’re just ordering and seating yourself.

Generally, quick service restaurants are the least expensive option for families with entrees costing around $11-$15. Entrees typically include a side but do not include drinks which can range in price from $4.50 to $15+ depending on what you order. Kids meals, on the other hand, range anywhere from $7 to $9 and include two sides and a kid’s drink.

Is a Disney Quick Service Dining Plan Right for You?

PRO TIP: Anyone can order a kid’s meal at quick service restaurants and the serving portions are typically pretty large! If you have picky eaters or want to save some extra cash, get a kids’ meal! We do this often and leave full every time!

Table Service Dining

Table Service restaurants are full-service, sit-down meals, meaning that you’ll be seated at a table, have a server waiting on you, and are expected to tip. Because of this, it’s a bit more time-consuming to dine at a table service restaurant, so we suggest allotting roughly an hour and a half for any reservation you book. 

Keep in mind that advance dining reservations are recommended at table service restaurants in Disney World. These open 60 days in advance and can book up fast for popular restaurants throughout the parks and resorts. If you’re unable to secure a reservation, you may still be able to have luck with the walk-up list, but this can be rare, especially during busy times.

Disney Dining plan 2024

Table Service Restaurants usually cost more than quick service restaurants and range in price based on where you’re dining. Currently, there are four different types of table service restaurants including standard table service restaurants, family style/buffet table service restaurants, character dining restaurants, and signature dining restaurants.

Standard Table Service

Just as the description says, these are going to be your “standard” restaurants. There will be no characters meeting guests at these spots and usually no additional entertainment (though that’s not always the case!). This includes restaurants like Tony’s Town Square in Magic Kingdom, or Yak and Yeti Restaurant in Animal Kingdom.

These restaurants feature a menu with many options with prices typically ranging anywhere from $10 to $15 for appetizers, $25-$35 for entrees, $9-$15 for desserts, and $11-$15 for kids’ meals. Soft drinks run around $5, while beers run from $8-$13, and wines and spirits are closer to $12-$18.

Family Style/Buffet Table Service Dining

Family-style restaurants are all you care to eat. At these locations, skillets or platters are typically brought to your table, and you can order extra of whatever you’d like as you go. Typically, these options include a bread service or appetizer, entree platters, and then dessert options. Soft drinks, coffees, and teas are included, but specialty or alcoholic beverages will not be. Alcohol will cost you anywhere between $8-$17 depending on your drink of choice.

These dining options can be a good value, but guests are limited in food variety so if you don’t like what the platter offers, these would not be the place for you. Restaurants falling under this category include Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom, costing $42 per adult and $23 per child ages 3-9 for lunch and dinner. Another option would be Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, costing guests $45 per adult and $25 per child for lunch and dinner.

How much does food cost at disney world

Buffet options are also all you care to enjoy, but these restaurants are self-service and offer a wider variety of food options. Instead of platters being brought to your tables, you can go up to the buffet and fill your plates with whatever you like. Menu options typically include breads, soups and salads, entrees, side dishes, and desserts. Cape May Cafe dinner at Disney’s Beach Club Resort is an example of this, costing $47 per adult and $30 per child.

It’s important to note that some character dining restaurants feature a family-style or buffet menu. However, these do not fall under this category, as character restaurants are generally priced higher.

Character Dining

Probably the most popular dining style at Walt Disney World is the famous character dining. Character dining experiences usually offer the same style of food as family style or buffet options, but some of your favorite Disney characters will stop by your table for photos, hugs, and autographs! Soft drinks, coffees, and teas are included, but specialty or alcoholic beverages are not. Alcohol typically costs anywhere between $8-$17 depending on your drink of choice. And, keep in mind that you’ll be paying extra for those character interactions!

One of the most popular character dining restaurants is Chef Mickey’s, located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald greet guests at this buffet-style restaurant with dinner costing $66 per adult and $41 per child ages 3-9. Another option would be Garden Grill at EPCOT, featuring Chip, Dale, Pluto, and Mickey. This dinner costs $62 per adult and $40 per child.

Signature Dining

Signature Dining is table service dining of much higher quality. Disney considers these to be the best they have to offer. Guests can find at least one signature dining option at all four theme parks, and most Deluxe Disney Resorts have a Signature Dining option. Many of these restaurants have a recommended dress code, so be sure to plan accordingly.

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Examples of signature dining include Monsieur Paul located in the France Pavilion at EPCOT. This restaurant is one of the most expensive signature dining options, costing $195 per adult with a multi-course fine dining meal to choose from.

Snacks/Grab-and-Go Dining

Snacks and grab-and-go kiosks are a great option if you’re a little hungry or are craving a treat. Snack carts are located all over all four theme parks, and offer items such as pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, churros, and sometimes turkey legs. These smaller snack options can range in price quite a bit with things like popcorn costing around $5 and specialty snacks costing $15+.

What Does a Full Day of Food Cost You?

So, how does it all add up over the course of a day? Let’s break down some scenarios for a family of four at Disney World and how much it would cost you to eat in a day. Many people will eat a light breakfast at the hotel before heading to the park, so we will use that example for our research here.

Here are some examples of how much it costs a family of four to eat lunch and dinner at the parks, including snacks and drinks:

Eating at Magic Kingdom

Lunch: Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

  • 2 adult entrees – one burger ($13.49), one salad ($11.99)
  • 2 kid’s meals – chicken strips with fries and fruit ($8.49 each)
  • 2 fountain drinks ($4.49 each)
  • Total: $51.44 plus 6.5% tax


  • Popcorn ($5.75)
  • Cheeseburger Springs Rolls ($9.50)
  • Total: $15.25 plus 6.5% tax

Dinner: Tony’s Town Square

  • Appetizer – Table Garlic Bread ($13.00)
  • 2 adult entrees – Spaghetti and Meatballs ($27.00), Chicken Parmigiana ($30,00)
  • 2 kid’s meals – Grilled Chicken ($12.50), Macaroni and Cheese ($11.50)
  • Dessert – Strawberry Shortcake ($9.00)
  • Drinks – 1 Beer ($10.75), 1 Wine ($13.00)
  • Total: $126.75 plus 6.5% tax

Magic Kingdom Full Day Total = $193.44 plus 6.5% tax

Eating at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Lunch: ABC Commissary

  • 2 adult entrees – Chicken Club Sandwich ($12.99), Shrimp Tacos ($12.99)
  • 2 kid’s meals – Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich ($7.79 each)
  • 2 fountain drinks ($4.49 each)
  • Dessert – Cheesecake ($5.79)
  • Total: $56.33 plus 6.5% tax

Snack: Woody’s Lunch Box

  • Raspberry Box Tart ($4.79)
  • Totchos ($10.49)
  • Total: $15.28 plus 6.5% tax

Dinner: Hollywood and Vine Character Dinner

  • 2 adult buffets – $63 each
  • 2 kids buffets – $40 each
  • 1 beer $10.50
  • 1 cocktail $17.00
  • Total: $233.50 plus 6.5% tax

Hollywood Studios Full Day Total: $305.11 plus 6.5% tax

Does Disney Offer a Dining Plan?

Yes! Currently, there are two Disney Dining Plans available for guests who book a vacation package — the Quick Serving Dining Plan and the Standard Dining Plan. Each includes a certain number of meal and snack credits per day, at a pre-paid rate.

So How Much Does Food Really Cost at Disney World?

Well, the answer to this one is…a lot. Quick Service meals generally cost guests around $50-$60 for a family of four. Table Service meals have a wider range of roughly $100-$250 depending on the restaurant you choose. We recommend budgeting roughly $300 per day for food if you’re planning to eat two meals and a snack.

Of course, there are ways to save some money on dining in Disney World such as bringing your own bottles of water, ordering kids’ meals, or even sharing entrees. So, don’t let the number discourage you if that seems like a lot.


How much do you typically budget for food in Disney World? Do you avoid eating at table service restaurants because of their price? Let us know in the comments your best money-saving tips!

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