Our Top Picks for the Best Disney World Snacks You Have to Try on Your Next Trip!

You likely already know that Disney World is home to attractions, adventures, and magical entertainment, but let’s be real! No one can really experience a Disney World vacation without some snacks! No matter which parks are on the agenda for your upcoming vacation, we’ve got all the snack options you need to know about.

So, if you don’t do anything else on your Disney vacation, put these snacks at the top of your must-do priority list this trip!

Best Disney World Snacks

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Grilled Corn on the Cob

We’re pretty sure it should be classified as a crime to pass through the Africa area of the park without stopping at Harambe Fruit Market for some grilled corn on the cob. This can be ordered with or without African spices, but we suggest extra spice! For $5.29, this is a great option for those who may be trying to venture away from many of the overly sweet snacks Disney World offers. The definition of savory, flavorful, and easy to eat on the go!

Pongu Lumpia

We head over to Pongu Pongu in Pandora — The World of Avatar for this inexpensive quick treat. A warm, sugar-dusted pineapple cream cheese spring roll sounds a little odd, right? Well, in reality, it is a perfect balance of sweet, savory, and refreshing with an even better price. For $3.79, this is one of the best bargains at Walt Disney World. You WILL be going back for more!

Best Disney World Snacks

Baked Macaroni & Cheese with Pulled Pork

Located right outside the entrance to Asia, Eight Spoon Cafe is a hidden gem. For $6.79, the Baked Macaroni & Cheese with Pulled Pork is guaranteed to satisfy a savory snack craving. Is it similar to Flame Tree Barbecue’s option? Yes. BUT, there is rarely a line here and it is a smaller portion. For a quick snack to hold the hunger while waiting for a dining reservation later in the day, this packs loads of flavor for a small price.

Colossal Cinnamon Roll

Tucked away in Africa just right past Dawa Bar is Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery. This spot is home to the Colossal Cinnamon Roll, which is a sweet treat that is sure to become a family favorite. This shareable cinnamon roll is just as described — colossal! For $7.49, let the kids get messy and pull apart the quick breakfast or anytime snack. It’s worth it!


Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

Okay, hear us out. I know this isn’t a specific snack, but any option here is going to be delicious, affordable, and quick. That’s pretty much the definition of a “snack,” right?! Tucked away into the back of the France Pavilion in World Showcase, this bakery offers sweet and savory options ranging from macaroons, creme brulees, chocolate croissants, quiches, hot sandwiches, soups, and freshly baked warm baguettes.

Also offered are coffee, tea, beer, and wine options making this a one-stop shop for a quick pick-me-up. Some of our favorites include the warm baguette, a Croque Monsieur, and a creme brulee.

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And, the best part about this eatery is that out of all the options on the menu, the most expensive item is $13.50. Large portions, versatility, affordability, and great quality, where can you go wrong?!

Kakigori (Japanese Shaved Ice)

For a snack the kids will love, stop in the Japan Pavilion for a Kakigori, also known as Japanese Shaved Ice. Large portions of shaved ice come with a flavor of your choosing: Rainbow, Strawberry, Melon, Cherry, Tangerine, or Blue Raspberry. For $5.50, not only is this a value snack, but it is also refreshing on a hot Central Florida day when you feel like you’re melting. Just make sure you eat it fast!

For the kids, it’s pretty, it’s shaved ice, and it’s Instagram-worthy. For the adults, there is an option to add Sake!

Caramel Popcorn

Karamell-Kuche falls into the same category as Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie — we would recommend anything here! Located at the entrance of the Germany Pavilion, you won’t be able to miss the sweet smells of Karamell-Kuche! The Caramel Popcorn is a decent-sized portion for $6.99, making it the perfect snack for a salty but sweet craving.

And, for those who are craving a sweet snack option, we recommend the Caramel Butter Bar. It’s gooey, buttery, and only $5.

School Bread

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in the Norway Pavilion is a must-stop for any EPCOT newbie snacking their way “around the world”. This yeast sweet roll is filled with vanilla custard and tossed in coconut. It’s one of the more adventurous and off-the-beaten-path snacks in the World Showcase, and a must-have for any coconut lover! At $4.79, make sure to give this sweet roll a shot.

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe also offers Viking Coffee for adults, hot or frozen. It is a coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kamora Coffee Liqueur. For any coffee lover, we suggest pairing this with your School Bread. You’ll thank us later!

Fish and Chips

Looking for something that is hearty, but not too filling? Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the United Kingdom Pavilion is a great snack spot to share a bite. The Beer-Battered Fish and Chips come with a good-sized portion of fish and chips. Plus, there’s an ample amount of seating around the fish shop. This is the perfect savory snack option to rest your legs, people-watch, and enjoy a taste of the UK. Coming in at $13.50, this will be one of the more expensive items on the list as it could be considered a “meal” by some, and the portion size reflects that!

Best Disney World Snacks

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie

Tucked back into Pixar Place, the Neighborhood Bakery is home to the famous Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie. This snack went on a brief hiatus when Toy Story Land first opened, but we are oh-so-happy that it is back. This chocolate chip cookie is huge and easily shareable. Plus, it’s delicious! They are served warm so the middle is gooey-goodness, with a bit of a crunch on the outside — yum! At roughly $7, this is a great midday pick-me-up snack for the family.

Ronto Wrap

For an out-of-this-world savory snack, we’re making our way to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This warm, pork sausage pita wrap is the perfect handheld for a filling, on-the-go snack. And, it’s quite unique! For $13.29, it’s one of the pricer snacks, but for many, this could be a meal. Grab it before you get in line for Rise of the Resistance and chow down while you wait!

Best Disney World Snacks

Bavarian Pretzel

Baseline Taphouse has what some (including us!) consider the best pretzel on property. This pretzel is served warm and fresh, with beer cheese and mustard. And, best of all, you can enjoy a beverage with it! Baseline Tap House is the perfect “chill” spot in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, giving you a chance to rest your legs, refuel with a pretzel (or equally delicious charcuterie board), and enjoy some great craft beers. Plus, it’s a great value for only $10.

Wookie Cookie

While anyone could make a case that Hollywood Studios is known for its savory snacks, the Wookie Cookie has certainly made a name for itself in the park. Found on the menu at Backlot Express, this sweet treat comes with two oatmeal cookies sandwiching a vanilla cream filling. And, there’s a Chewbacca chocolate sash on top! For $6.79, everyone loves a Wookie Cookie, Star Wars fan or not!

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Keep in mind that quick service lines can get long here, especially during lunch hours. So, we recommend mobile ordering this snack ahead of time to save precious park time!

Magic Kingdom

Spring Rolls

If you’ve done any research on Magic Kingdom snacks, you’ve probably heard about the Adventureland Spring Roll Cart. And, if you haven’t yet, we’re here to tell you! With the current spring roll options being Cheeseburger Spring Rolls or Pepperoni Spring Rolls (though, the flavors do rotate often), these famous snacks are ones you cannot pass up. Located near the bridge to Adventureland, this quick snack is flavor-packed with a nostalgic twist.

Best Disney World Snacks

For $9.50, you’ll get two spring rolls of your choice and a dipping sauce.

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

Now, this is a must-have breakfast snack in Magic Kingdom…but, don’t restrict this goodness for breakfast only — it’s served all day! Head over to Sleepy Hollow and enjoy this fresh waffle topped with Nutella spread and fresh fruits such as strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. With all that fruit, it gives you a fresher “semi-healthy” alternative to your usual burgers, chicken fingers, and fries that you will find all over Magic Kingdom.

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It’s a filling snack at an affordable $8.50!

Cheshire Cat Tail

There is rarely a line at the Cheshire Cafe, but that doesn’t mean you should pass it by! For an aesthetically pleasing sweet treat, grab yourself a Cheshire Cat Tail. This flakey pastry filled with chocolate chips and sweet cream is the perfect pick-me-up for only $5.99. Its pink and purple exterior with chocolate gooey filling is sure to make anyone’s day a little better!

Dole Whip

Cross the bridge to Adventureland and you will stumble upon Aloha Isle, home to the famous Dole Whip! The original pineapple flavor is what gained its popularity, but this soft serve “ice cream” treat has become so popular that multiple flavors are now available. And, if you really want to go all out on this sweet treat, order a Dole Whip Float!

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Corn Dog Nuggets

Magic Kingdom food often gets a bad rap. There aren’t too many options besides your standard theme park food such as hot dogs, burgers, and chicken. And, sometimes, that is just what you need! After all, you are on vacation. So, fill that craving and stop in Casey’s Corner right off Main Street for Corn Dog Nuggets! This basket of goodness comes with fries and could be considered a meal, but it’s also the perfect shareable snack to enjoy while you’re waiting for the parade! Plus, for $10.79, it’s a decent-sized portion the family is sure to love.

Disney Springs

Morimoto Baby Back Ribs

You may not see these on many people’s “snack” lists, but here they are on ours! Over at Morimoto Street Food, this is our go-to savory snack when we find ourselves hungry at Disney Springs. Are they messy? Yes. but, are they worth it? Absolutely. These are the same delicious pork ribs that Chef Morimoto is famous for, just a smaller portion.

For $10, you get three ribs and a lifetime of happiness. Trust us on this one!

Gideon’s Bakehouse

Any coffee or cookie lover must stop here! There’s a reason these half-pound cookies (yes, I said half-pound cookies and I’m not exaggerating!) have amassed a massive fan base! But, it’s not always easy to get your hands on them. The line at Gideon’s Bakehouse does get long and you’ll need to sign up for the virtual queue to “get in line” if you’re visiting when it’s busy (usually at night and on weekends). So, be sure to go to Gideon’s as soon as you get to Disney Springs to put your name in. Once you’re on the list you can do all your shopping, eating, and playing in Disney Springs while you wait and you’ll get a text when it’s your turn in line.

The original chocolate chip cookie is a winner, but they have other flavors and a rotation of monthly flavors depending on the season. Also, don’t overlook the cold brews. They are dairy-free and delicious! $6 may seem steep for a single cookie, but the hesitation will subside once you take a bite, we promise.

Best Disney World Snacks

So, even though Disney World may be about entertainment, there is no shortage of great food options. But, it’s important to choose wisely what snacks you try — this trip may only be once in a lifetime! You want to leave Disney World dreaming about the snacks you ate while you were there, not regretting your choices. So, keep this list of the best Disney World snacks on hand to make sure you leave happy, full, and wanting more!


Have you tried any of these best Disney World snacks? Do you have a favorite Disney snack that isn’t on this list? Let us know in the comments your must-get food items at Disney.

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